About The COTA Project

Goals And Mission

Our mission is to help humanity better understand it's past, preserve it's ancient heritage, and unlock new knowledge that can improve it's future.

We seek to do this by developing technology to help automatically decode and translate ancient writings found in hieroglyphics and manuscripts into a format that is easily accessible and understandable to everyone.


Our Initial Project

Our initial project involves:

  • Creating an online, searchable database of digital hieroglyphics with modern English translations
  • Creating an English to hieroglyphics translator that is the most accurate of its kind
  • Creating a hieroglyphics to English translator through digital analysis
  • Developing new image processing algorithms, programs, and methods to facilitate decoding and translation

You can follow updates on our progress by reading our project updates.

The Technology


The process of decoding and translating hieroglyphics is a monumental task that's only achievable using the best technology that's available today.

Learn more about the technology COTA is utilizing.

The Team

Meet the core group of people working on the COTA team.

Project History

Details about the history of the COTA project and how it came to be can be found in our blog post "History Of The COTA Project".

Getting Involed

Interested in getting involved in the COTA project? Learn how you can contribute.