Breakthrough In Decoding Of Inca Khipu

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The Ancient Inca culture didn’t have what we would consider a form a writing.  Instead, the used complex coded knots of string to record information.  These knotted strings are called Khipu.

Decoding the information stored in Khipu has largely remained a mystery.   Until recently, that is.  A breakthrough was made in the spring of 2017 when college student Manny Medrano – with the help of his professor Gary Urton and the Khipu Database Project at Harvard, was able to decode some Khipu by cross-referencing it with census data taken during the same period.

We’d like to extend our kudos to Manny Medrano, Professor Gary Urton, and everyone that’s been involved in helping to preserve Khipu history to this point.  This seems to be a pinnacle achievement that could finally help decode the Khipu mystery.  Congrats to all!



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