Why A Solution For Fast Translation Is Needed

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Untranslated Writings Could Mean Lost History And Knowledge

By some estimates  there are over 3 million untranslated Sanskrit manuscripts in India that could contain a wealth of information on technology, medicine, and spiritual beliefs.

The National Mission of Manuscripts in India estimates that there are 300-400 yet untranslated ancient Yoga manuscripts that could forever change our understanding of Yoga if they can be translated.

If these documents are not preserved through digital archiving, we risk losing them.  If they can’t be translated while current experts are alive, we risk losing the information they contain.  We need to act before its too late.

A Problem Of Time and People

The problem of untranslated material usually comes down to a lack of experts and time to accomplish the translations.

Where COTA Comes In

Our technology could be used to not only reduce the time to translation, but to also remove the requirement that an expert be involved in the translation.

That is exactly why we build and use computers – to help save time for us humans.  That’s why we are utilizing technology to solve age old mysteries.


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