Ways To Contribute To The Project

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We love teamwork!  COTA’s goals are epic and so are the challenges we face.  We’d love for you to get involved and work with us.

Here are some of the ways you can contribute to the COTA project:

  • Upload photos of hieroglyphics, cuneiform, mayan glyphs that you’ve taken.  We’ll use these to test our decoding algorithms.  Photos and their translations will be shared with the public (unless you request otherwise).
  • Help in the development of programs and algorithms used in our decoding and translation system.  We are looking to hire developers!
  • Help with glyph creation and identification.  We’re in need of people to help create digital image files of ancient glyphs.  If you have Photoshop experience (or similar) you’re in.
  • Help in dictionary and translation development.  We’re looking for help in adding translations to glyphs.  That means the “letter” or “word” translation of a particular hieroglyphic (or other) symbol.
  • Become an intern!  We’re offering paid internships for software development, digital media, marketing, and project management.
  • Make a small financial donation to our project via our GoFundMe page.  A little can add up fast.  Corporation sponsorships are also welcome!


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